The Church of St. Mary of Lakuć in Dvigrad

Nuances of purple, red, green and orange tones embellish the walls of the Church of St. Mary of Lakuć under Dvigrad, the work painted by Colourful Master. Underneath Dvigrad stands the single-nave church of St. Mary of Lakuć with a bell gable at its front and the inscribed apse showing 15th century Late Gothic frescoes. An interesting detail on its front is the ciborium. It is located above the entrance and below the bell gable. Frescoes are the work of the Colourful Master, named after the characteristic range of colours, a cadence of purple, red, green and orange tones.

Frescoes on the external part of the church have also been well preserved. The Master painted the Mother of God, the protector watching over her parishioners under the ciborium, above the main church entrance. Unfortunately, the bottom part of the fresco has not been preserved due to its exposure to weather elements. Only the sanctuary had been painted inside the church with Christ in Glory surrounded by evangelist symbols and cosmic signs of the Sun and the Moon. Under them is a row of apostles. On the triumphal arch is the Annunciation, and below it St. Ursula with two female saints and St. Lawrence. In the lowest part of the apse is a painted curtain. The scene following the Annunciation is depicted in the upper part of the southern wall representing the encounter of Mary with Elizabeth. In the upper field of the northern wall is the Birth of Jesus Christ. On the southern wall below the Visitation is St. Sebastian with St. Rocco. Apart from the frescoes, the church has many Glagolitic inscriptions.

How to get there:
Dvigrad in located in the Lim Bay, west of Kanfanar. When exiting Kanfanar, along the railroad tracks, turn for Dvigrad. The Church is below the village.

The key is located in the Kanfanar Parich Office.

T: +385 (0)52 825 115



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