• Carnival in Labin

    17.01.2019 - 05.03.2019


    Taking over the keys of Labin and children's costume parade, masquerade ball & burning of the carnival mascot

    Taking over the keys of Labin and children's costume parade, masquerade ball & burning of the carnival mascot

    Traditionally, on Antonja, i.e. St. Anton’s Day on January 17 begins the craziest season - the carnival season. The fifth season, as it is called, is a tradition of Istrian, Kvarner and Primorje regions.

    The tradition of carnival (called poklade or mesopust in the local dialects) in Labin is preserved by the carnival association Labinjonska kompanija - domoća folšarija that will take over Labin town keys and introduce its government.

    Along with the main carnival parade in Labin for adults and children, as well as numerous village carnival fests across the Labin area, the carnival rule lasts until March 5, when the doll Pust is traditionally burned, found guilty for all the bad things in the past period and announcing the arrival of spring.


    TZ Labin-Rabac
    Titov Trg 2/1, HR-52220 Labin

  • Carnival in Buzet

    19.01.2019 - 06.03.2019

    Buzet, Trg Fontana (Square)

    Big carnival costume promenade

    Trg Fontana (Square)

    Big carnival costume promenade

    Pust (man-like doll blamed for bad events in the previous year and burned) and all festive carnival events are almost here. The central event in Buzet is certainly the masked procession that brings together some thousand masked participants and dozens of allegorical floats both from the Buzet region and surrounding areas…


    TZ Buzet
    Vladimira Gortana 9

  • 3rd Days of Honey Delicacies of Central Istria

    01.02.2019 - 28.02.2019

    Beram, Cerovlje, Pazin, Katun Lindarski

    Would you like to taste delicacies of indigenous Istrian gastronomy enriched with honey products?
    If your answer is yes, then you’re in the right place.

    An attractive menu which consists of appetizers, main dish and desserts at a promotional price of 120.00 HRK will be offered by the restaurants:
    Agroturizam Ograde (Katun Lindarski)
    Konoba Vela vrata (Beram)
    Konoba-pizzera 2. Peron (Cerovlje)
    Konoba Jelenić (Lušetići)
    Agroturizam Stara štala (Borut)
    Boljunska konoba (Boljun)
    Restoran Čiže (Trviž)
    Tomažova konoba (Vošteni, Sv. Lovreč)

    Come to the 3rd Days of honey delicacies in central Istria!


    TZ središnje Istre
    Ulica Velog Jože 1, Pazin +385 (0)52 622 460

  • Promohotel

    20.02.2019 - 23.02.2019

    Poreč-Parenzo, Dvorana Žatika (Žatika Sports Centre )

    International Fair of Food, Drinks and Equipment for Tourism

    Dvorana Žatika (Žatika Sports Centre )

    International Fair of Food, Drinks and Equipment for Tourism

    Promohotel  2019 – 34th International Fair of Food, Drinks and Equipment for Tourism will be held at Žatika Sport Centre from 20-23 February 2019. The fair will be held on  4500 m2 of indoor and 500 m2 of outdoor exhibition area.

    The fair is aimed at the entire Horeca sector, owners, managers and workers of:
    - hotel chains,
    - small family hotels, 
    - apartments, 
    - cafés and restaurants,
    - holiday homes,
    - other accommodation facilities.

    The exhibition programme includes the following: hotel furnishing and supplies; foodservice and catering equipment and supplies; food, drink, and confectionery; hot drinks machines; chilling/freezing equipment; retail and industrial bakery/confectionery equipment; alcoholic beverages and craft beer; paper products and decorative supplies; heating and renewable energy sources; soft furnishings; beds and mattresses; spa programmes; professional cleaning equipment; hospitality interiors and exteriors; flooring and aluminium windows; wooden furniture; computer programming; business consultancy and education, etc.

    Visitors will learn about new technologies, trends, products and services, which can be used to improve their businesses.

    Many of the products exhibited can also be very useful in the household. The intention is to present current trends in hospitality and tourism, thus contributing to the development and promotion of the city and the region.

    Wednesday, 20 February 2019 / 12:00 noon - 7.00 pm
    Thursday, 21 February 2019 / 10:00 am - 7.00 pm
    Friday, 22 February 2019 / 10:00 am - 7.00 pm
    Saturday, 23 February 2019 / 10:00 am - 5.00 pm

    The entrance is free for all visitors. Welcome!

  • Honey Days

    22.02.2019 - 23.02.2019

    Pazin, Spomen dom

    14th international exhibition and conference

    Spomen dom

    14th international exhibition and conference

    The case with the choice of beekeeper that is honeymaker is the same as with a café and your favourite coffee brand. You choose once and never change. In her time, Empress Maria Theresa proclaimed beekeeping a protected craft. “...In order to popularize beekeeping among our people, it is exempt from any tax or toll for all times...”, stands in the Patent on beekeeping from 1775.

    A spoonful of health

    Locust tree honey - the best cure for stress; meadow honey - it is difficult to count up all its benefits, but it will do wonders for elderly people and give them new strength; chestnut honey with its bitterness defies the saying 'sweet as honey' but is a great remedy for digestive difficulties and other disorders... Honey is healthy! This is a statement no one will even dare to deny. How healthy it really is, that is something we are yet to find out. But with great certainty and with no reason to prove it we can say for sure that honey has a wonderful taste, it is a special sweetener and is equally good today as it was when man reached for it into the beehive for the very first time (how did he even get this idea?). Istrian honey is of outstanding quality, but there isn't much of it, just as much as there is vegetation. In order to harvest as much honey as possible, beekeepers carry their hives to places even a few hundred kilometres away. This is one of the integral parts of beekeeping.

    The long way to honey

    In Istria it all begins in April when beekeepers harvest fruit honey and dandelion honey which is extracted until May. Then the hives and beekeepers, like real nomads, move in search of locust trees that yield high quality and delicious honey. At the same time bees are diligently collecting sage nectar. The next activity takes place in June when hives are transferred to areas rich in chestnut trees, which has become a very uncertain and modest source of honey. At this period there is no activity of bees in Istria, so the search for flower blossoms for the nectar takes beekeepers to areas of Gorski kotar, Kordun and Lika. This best speaks of the beekeepers' nomadic way of life and their readiness to cover several hundred kilometres every seven days to reach the faraway hives just for a few kilograms of sweet honey. In mid-September the bees return home. Then they mostly sip the nectar from heather and other plants blossoming at that time. For those who don't know much about honey making and its terminology, honey extraction is the process of removing honey from the honeycomb. So, after the last honey extraction in the year, beekeepers prepare their bees for the winter, leaving enough honey for them to survive - about fifteen kilograms in each hive.

  • Carnival in Pula



    Carnival parade

    Carnival parade

    The traditional, 5th Pula Carnival will be held on Saturday, February 23, 2019. The Carnival events start much earlier, on January 17, 2019 at 5pm, with the Handover of the City Key to the Master of the Carnival at the City Hall. On March 5, the burning of the “Pust” (traditional culprit for all the last year’s troubles) takes place near the traffic lights at Veli Vrh.

    About 20 carnival groups from Istria, Kvarner and Slovenia, with over 700 participants, are expected at this year’s Carnival.

    Pula’s Wind Orchestra and majorettes will lead the Carnival Parade.
    A new feature this year will be a large tent set up at Karolina parking.

    As this is the 5th anniversary of the Carnival, on the day of the Carnival, the Pula Mayor will organize a special reception at the City Hall for representatives of carnival groups where he will present them with certificates for taking part in the 5th Pula Carnival.

    During the carnival period, an exhibition covering the theme of Pula’s Carnival will be set up at the Tourism Office Pula.

    Program of the 5th Pula Carnival
    Saturday, February 23, 2019

    10:30 - 11:30 Meeting of carnival groups at Karolina parking
    12:00 Carnival Parade leaves Karolina
    Route: Karolina-Arena, Portarata Square, Sergijevaca Street, Forum, Kandlerova Street, Karolina - After Portarata Square, the route for allegorical floats is Laginjina Street, Riva waterfront, Karolina
    Presentation of carnival groups in front of the Arena and at Portarata Square
    Carnival groups return to the tent at Karolina where lunch and carnival party are organized for all participants
    15:00 Big Carnival Party - Mauro Staraj & La Banda
    17:00 DJ program Teddy Lee starts

    All citizens are invited to take part in the 5th Pula Carnival and enjoy this fun experience. We hope to see a large number of masked, carnival groups, so we invite you to take part.

    Registration forms are available at the Tourism Office Pula or
    Registration deadline February 14, 2019.


    TZ Pula
    Forum 3, HR-52100 Pula +385 (0)52 219 197

  • Istrian Winter Running League powered by Plava Laguna



    14th winter league season

    14th winter league season

    14th anniversary of the Istrian winter league proves how popular running is in Istria. There are different recreational 6 or 9 kilometre races being held throughout the entire winter, up until March. Make sure not to miss the upcoming exciting adventures.

    Entry fee will amount 120.00 HRK and it’s paid by the purchase of starting number which is valid for all races. There will be trails of different profiles, properly marked, which length ranges from 6 km to about 9 km.

    Istrian Winter Running League 2018/19
    1. round: 04.11.2018. Medulin
    2. round: 18.11.2018. Poreč-Parenzo
    3. round: 02.12.2018. Pazin
    4. round: 09.12.2018. Sečovlje (SLO)
    5. round: 13.01.2019. Sv. Petar u šumi
    6. round: 27.01.2019. Rabac
    7. round: 10.02.2019. Vodnjan-Dignano
    8. round: 24.02.2019. Pula-Pola
    9. round: 03.03.2019. Umag-Umago

  • Umag Carinval Days

    24.02.2019 - 06.03.2019


    Carnival parade and masked ball

    +385 (0)52 702950

    Carnival parade and masked ball


    Ustanova Festum
    Giuseppe Garibaldi 6, 52470 Umag

  • Carnival in Cerovlje

    01.03.2019 - 06.03.2019


    Carnival parade and masked ball

    Carnival parade and masked ball

    The largest and most cheerful carnival in central Istria!

    Masked groups comes from all over the region, and is being held, as tradition dictates, on Sunday before Carnival. Children's carnival is scheduled for Saturday, then the event will continue on Tuesday, the day of Pust and ends on Wednesday ceremonial of "Pust" burning with the inevitable reading of funny judgment.


    Općina Cerovlje
    T. +385 (0)52 684140


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