The appearance of a new professional conference

The Istria Tourist Board, in cooperation with the Maistra hotel company, is organising its fourth Istria Gourmet Festival: Autumn 2018 that will take place on 29th and 30th October in Rovinj.

With top-quality show cooking and master classes featuring Michelin star holders and reputable lecturers, this is also an opportunity to become familiar with the latest trends in the culinary world, as well as with the examples of best practices in high category hotels.

A professional and thematic conference aimed at learning and adopting new knowledge and skills, brings a number of novelties to this year's edition. Among them, the introduction of the opening of a new segment to acquire new knowledge in the field of production, sales and marketing of craft beer.

Distinguished international names from the world of craft beer and the beer industry will share their knowledge and experience in a separate part of this year's Istria Gourmet Festival. Five beer professionals will lead five interesting workshops:

- Lorenzo Dabove "Kuaska", the alpha and omega of the Italian beer scene, will talk about the history of beer and the magic of spontaneous fermentation
- Stefan Grauvogl, master brewer and professor at the well-known German Doemens Beersommelier Academy, will talk about the production and wealth of different beer styles,
- Teo Musso, beer pioneer and innovator, multiple award-winning brewer and owner of Baladin brewery, will clarify beer taxonomy and categorisation,
- Simonmattia Riva, the Beer sommelier World Champion in 2015 will present an interesting pairing of beer and food,
- Zvonimir Pelko, Doemens beer sommelier and beer educator, will present the global revolution of craft beer and the current trends on the Croatian beer market

Book your place on Monday, October 29th, and ensure an unforgettable trip into the world of premium beers on the first day of a two-day conference. In addition to meeting with top connoisseurs, we will also be organising a specially guided tasting.