Edoardo Ore

Edoardo Ore, pizza chef
Consultant, O' Sfizio d'à Notizia, Naples


» IGF 2018 Masterclass:
Pržena pizza, jedna napuljska priča...  
Pizza fritta, una storia napoletana...
Fried pizza, a Neapolitan story


From the class of 1985, he was born and grew up on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, between Massa di Somma and San Sebastiano al Vesuvio, cult places of ancient baking techniques that would influence his professional career.

Raised in a family of humble origins and fascinated and attracted by the magic of the Neapolitan pizza since childhood, he decided to learn his art at very early age, working voluntarily as an errand boy in a local pizzeria, training first as a baker and then as a pizza maker in accordance with the technique of the ancient Neapolitan school.

At the age of 17, he definitively abandoned his school studies to devote himself entirely to his pizza making activity taking great care and dedicating much research to soft wheat flour.

In 2012 he joined Enzo Coccia’s Pizza Consulting srl, with the role of teacher, consultant and coordinator of activities related to Neapolitan pizza in different countries such as Turkey, China, Spain and France.

In 2014 he became milling consultant to Molino Dallagiovanna, represented over the years to come in countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Romania, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, USA, Australia and Madagascar, at events, congresses and consultations.

His curiosity and thirst for knowledge and attention in the choice of raw materials have brought him - over the years - to experience professional growth in a number of fields, working with Aic Emilia Romagna in the gluten-free field, with the Mandara family in the dairy sector and with Master Achille Zoia in the varied universe of yeast dough, including the artisan panettone where he developed and undersigned the Vesuvius project, a panettone made of Catalanesca grapes.

In 2016 he created his O 'Sfizio d'à Notizia for which he is a consultant and developed the mpustarella characteristic bread whilst working on a type of fried pizza of a different conception.

In 2018 he has travelled all over the South American continent creating Neapolitan breads and pizza from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires, arriving in the rural areas in the Chuquisaca Department in Bolivia, developing the training "Pan por Pachamama" project for the indigenous Quechua people where the Neapolitan school techniques of craft bakery are used.