Fausto Arrighi

Former director of the Michelin Guide (Italy)

Restaurants in high category hotels:
what does one star given to a restaurant mean for a country.After completing his studies at the Institute of Tourism and experience in the hotel industry in a number of different European countries, and following a rigorous selection, he came to the famous Michelin Guide.He has spent almost all of his working life in the business, 36 years, of which 26 as an inspector and 10 as an editor of the Michelin Guide in Italy. He has evaluated more than 8,500 restaurants, visited and selected 20 thousand hotels and travelled nearly 2 million kilometres throughout Italy.He has been retired for three years now, and is currently busy with hotel and restaurant consulting both in Italy and abroad. As well as this, he takes part in restaurant projects to which he brings his knowledge and is able to follow ambitious chefs. He regularly participates in gastronomy congresses and writes for Italian expert magazines such as: Grande Cucina and Gusto Mediterraneo.