Pasqualino Rossi

Pasqualino Rossi, pizza chef
Pizzeria Élite Rossi, Alvignano


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Klasična napuljska pizza i pizza u okruglom plehu: dva izraza velike razvijajuće tradicije
Pizza classica napoletana e la pizza nel ruoto: due espressioni della grande tradizione che si evolve
Neapolitan classic pizza and pizza in the round baking tray: two expressions of the great developing tradition


Pasqualino Rossi is 37 years old and has been a pizza maker for the last 21 years. His passion for pizza began during his childhood, when his mother used to prepare pizza in the baking pan on Sunday mornings, to sell to the people of the Sunday market in the family’s historic bar...

In 1996 he opened the Rossi élite pizzeria, and immediately great experimentation of both doughs and recipes began, along with a thorough research for quality pizza products. He has been proposing pizza in the baking pan since 2013, which is a classic pizza usually made by housewives, who after preparing bread at home made pizza in a pan with the remaining dough.

This version is a classic pizza made in a round pan, with the bottom covered in lard, topped with tomato, oregano, garlic and oil. The characteristic of Pasqualino Rossi's dough starts with the selection of the flour, type 0, and the careful leavening period of a minimum of 24 hours along with high hydration.

Pasqualino runs the Elite pizzeria with his brother Gianluca Rossi (reception), his mother Rita (who is responsible for fried dishes and pastries) and his dad 'Mimi', who oversees this splendid production reality of the Alto Casertano area.