Simone Padoan

Simone Padoan, pizza chef
Pizzeria I Tigli,
San Bonifacio, Verona


» IGF 2018 Masterclass:
ISTOK, ZAPAD, SJEVER, JUG...p riča iz pizzerie I Tigli u četiri smjera!
NORD, SUD, OVEST, EST... il racconto dei Tigli attraverso quattro direzioni!
NORTH, SOUTH, WEST, EAST... the story about Tigli through four directions!


The culinary career of Simone Padoan began with the opening of the pizzeria, I Tigli in San Bonifacio in 1994, but his most significant year was 1999 when he first came into contact with natural yeast.

After four years of continuous research he prepared his pizza and served it only on special occasions. All the same, over the years his concept of pizza has taken on a real shape and Simone's pizza has become known among fine cuisine lovers.

An idea, developed over a number of years finally came to fruition in 2012 with the complete renovation of the pizzeria where he put emphasis onto the clear connection between nature and manual work. The importance of natural yeast grew and Simone's goals went beyond the limits of savoury delicacies, and he now dedicates himself to creating new concepts using natural yeast. This is how his Focaccia Veneta, Panettone, Pandolce, Pan Brioche ... came to life.


Istria Gourmet Festival: Autumn 2017
» Autumn flourish... When the land leads you towards the
spontaneous selection, naturally directed by the culture of your diet.