Stefan Grauvogl

Stefan Grauvogl
Master brewer, Biersommelier, International beer judge


» IGF 2018 Masterclass:
Proizvodnja piva i ljepota njegove raznovrsnosti
La produzione della birra e la bellezza della sua complessità
Beer production & beauty of beer diversity


Stefan Grauvogl started his long career at the age of 15 in Munich's Löwenbräu brewery, and six years later, when he was just 23, he was awarded the title of beer master at the Doemens Academy in Gräfelfing. Over the next few years, he gained a number of professional experiences, and after a year spent in the US, he returned to his native Munchen. He founded his company, ARTE-BIER, in 1994.

Working in the brewing industry, he slowly began to understand the needs of the market, that is, the difficulties that brewers found in brewing beer, technologically more sophisticated, more suitable. Moreover, thanks to his rich experience he came to the conclusion that the success of a particular beer depended not only on the master brewer and his ability to create a quality beer, but also on a whole range of different factors. Each and every loop in the chain contributes to the ultimate result, which is a top quality beer that is recognised on the market.

Production, marketing, and ultimately distribution are essential for creating the required beer. With this premise, Stefan Grauvogl founded ARTE-BIER, a company known worldwide to clients that is based on three important principals: advising, training and facilities.