Teo Musso

Teo Musso
Founder of Birrificio Baladin


» IGF 2018 Masterclass:
Revolucija craft piva u Italiji
Intuicija Baladin, sa željom da se pivi podari novo dostojanstvo uparujući ga s hranom te da od zemlje do čaše pristigne najkraćim mogućim putem
La rivoluzione della birra artigianale in Italia
L’intuizione di Baladin di dare una nuova dignità alla birra proponendola in abbinamento al cibo e la volontà di voler creare una filiera corta dalla terra al bicchiere.
The revolution of craft beer in Italy
Baladin intuition, eager to give beer a new dignity, pairing it with food as well as to produce it, from soil to the glass, in the shortest possible way


Matterino "Teo" Musso was born in Piedmont on 5th March 1964. A man with a multifaceted personality and great communication skills, he is considered the most significant representative of the new way of interpreting beer, strictly craft beer preferably combined with food.

BALADIN is the label under which he presents his beer around the world, but it is also the name of a larger project, composed of activities and events that deal with the taste and care with which he chooses everything that surrounds him.

His bond with the territory, and with his native county, Piozzo, is very strong and he tries to transfer it to all his productions, using mainly Italian raw materials, being convinced of the fact that "Beer is Earth!".