Diego Vitagliano

Diego Vitagliano, pizza chef 
10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria
, Naples


» IGF 2018 Masterclass:
Pizza a canotto (s izraženim rubom), tradicija i inovacija
La Pizza a Canotto, tradizione ed innovazione
Pizza a canotto (“inflated” crust), tradition and innovation


Diego Vitagliano is 33 years old, and represents a new generation of pizza makers who is already known for the great consensus he has received in recent years.

The protagonist of a very light suggestion of leavened products, today his pizza represents one of the best versions of the product in the city of Naples, and while it detaches itself from the traditional canon, it starts from a deep knowledge of the same.

Considering his young age, the study and research of his products and techniques, this young man is a solid guarantee both in the present and in the future world of Pizza.

Diego Vitagliano is the owner of the famous Pizzeria 10 in Naples.