Zvonimir Pelko

Zvonimir Pelko
Biersommelier, CEO & Founder of MAS plenum d.o.o.


» IGF 2018 Masterclass:
Revolucija craft pive i trendovi na hrvatskom pivskom tržištu
Rivoluzione della birra artigianale e tendenze sul mercato della birra croato
Craft beer revolution & trends on Croatian beer market


Zvonimir Pelko transformed his love and passion for beer into a successful business, while constantly improving his knowledge. The founder and CEO of the Mas plenum company, the most important company for imported craft beer in Croatia, also collaborates with a number of other craft breweries from around the world.

In 2009, during his post graduated studies at the Faculty of Economy, he wrote his final paper on the extensive research of the development and future of the HoReCa market in Croatia, whilst at the same time observing the development of the craft beer movement around the world and particularly in neighbouring countries. In 2013, at the Master of Business Administration in Trieste, he pointed out in his final paper that successful business and a competitive advantage is also possible through market niches, and more specifically in the beer industry these imply craft beers.

His love for beer and his desire for further specialisation took him to Munich in 2014, to the prestigious Doemens Academy where he finished a school for beer sommeliers. Zvonimir Pelko is currently the only one to have the title Doemens Biersommelier not only in the Balkans, but in the whole of Southeast Europe too.