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  • LuxuryLife: Discover the pearls of the Adriatic sea

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    Once on the northern istrian peninsula, one immediately senses the typical istriano flair. Exquisite natural beauty and rich cultural and historic heritage characterise Rovinj, a colorful Mediterranean town by the Adriatic sea. The best olive oil, aromatic wine, top class truffles and the finest honey characterise Istrian cuisine.

  • A Gastronome's Guide to Istria

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    Author Via Beaumanis writes about quality, multi-awarded Istrian olive oils, world known truffles and numerous luxury hotels, recommending Istria as a newly discovered destination to fans of food, beverage and luxury.

  • Hidden Europe: Hidden Istria

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    Istrian hinterland is a truly magical place, with picturesque hill towns, impregnable-looking castles and hidden mediaeval frescoes, not to mention some of the best food, wine and olive oil. And all very accessible from the coast — in this compact area, hardly anywhere is more than an hour’s drive from the sea.

  • Metro Herald: Don't re-Joyce, just rejoice in Istria

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    Istria boasts a famous link to James Joyce, but the Croatian peninsula has a lot more to offer.
    Famed for its olive oil, truffles, seafood and wine, Istria is heaven for those who love their food. Throw in stunning scenery, swimming in warm waters and ample history, and, well, what's not to love, writes Kevin Gleeson.

  • Oscar's: From truffles to Malvazija wine

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    Culinary journey through Istria is a journey worth taking. Istria offers much more than seen at first sight – says Oscar's Magazin, a magazine for professionals which informs its readers of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism novelties and trends...

  • Vinum

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    Its coast will fascinate you; its scented forests, vineyards and olive groves will captivate you; its landscapes dotted with cypress trees that reach to the skies will enchant you… We are talking about Istria, the region of Malvasia wine, a region that for a moment seems to resemble Venice and Tuscany, but then reveals its authenticity. Beautiful, with a capital B, seductive… It’s impossible to be indifferent to Istria…

  • Bild am Sonntag: Istria, a better Italy?

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    Truffles, Istrian prosciutto, oysters and fresh seafood, green rolling hills covered in vineyards, olive groves and cypresses, winding roads leading to towns with magnificent palaces... Istria might not be a better Italy, but a good original is more valuable than the best copy!

  • Dove: Istrian lighthouses

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    The Dove Magazine introduced its readers to Croatia and Istria suggesting a new adventure, summer vacations in lighthouses providing absolute beach rest with no luxury required as an ideal location for getting to know 445 km of the Istrian coastline...

  • Symmetry: Indulge in Istria

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    The American blogger Adam McCullock published an article about Istria in the Australian magazine of growing popularity available only on iPads, describing it as a region of exceptional truffle delicacies, stunning architecture and natural beauties reminding him of Renaissance paintings. He calls his jorney across Istria a culinary Odyssey...

  • Qui Touring: Treasure Peninsula

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    A bimonthly, nurturing only the selected tourist topics of verified impressions, discovers hidden values of the Istrian region, the magnificent truffle, traditional sequence of olive oils and wines in gastronomy which, according to the editors: Must not be missed! The Istrian inland is compared with Italian Tuscany as it once were, serene and authentic, while the crystal Adriatic and hidden coves are spoken of as idyllic, almost heavenly places. The publication is available at Touring points (

  • The Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club 2013 Yearbook

    Ripe for Discovery
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    Istria, on the west coast of Croatia, is one of the precious few European destinations that could genuinely be described as an undiscovered gem...

  • Inspire Travel: Gastronomic Pleasures

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    Whoever says truffle, pronounces a great word, which awakens erotic and gourmand ideas,” wrote famous French gastronome Brillat-Savarin in 1825. Istria is a peninsula in the Adriatic Sea known for everything truffle-related!

  • Feinschmecker: Reportage

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    One of leading world-known gourmet magazines provided an 18-page introduction of Istria. Achim Becker as author did not hide his delight with food and selected wines he tasted nor with the entire atmophere surrounding the Istrian enogastronomic offer, concluding that 'life can be great when a man is in Istria and when a man eats in Istria'.

  • Feinschmecker: Enjoyment and magic of Istria

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  • imbibe:The Istria Boys

    While international varieties like Merlot, Muscat, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc are commonly found in Istrian wines, it’s their native varieties, Malvazija, Refošk, and Teran which set this region apart on the world’s crowded wine stage.

    imbibe: 09/12

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Already receiving significant earned media in outlets such as National Geographic Traveler Huffington Post and mention in notable guidebooks like Lonely Planet, international journalists and tour operators alike continue the praise heaped upon the Istrian peninsula and all it has to offer making it one of the world's top destinations.