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  • 10 Reasons To Visit Istria, Croatia This Summer

    You can’t walk the shiny cobblestone streets of Istria without a giant smile on your face. I couldn’t get over the fairytale vibe that the medieval buildings in Grožnjan give off - it feels like you’ve gone back in time and stepped into a storybook, says Sharlene Chiu...


    Croatia offers jaw dropping landscape, picturesque towns, incredible local food and a living history that’s felt throughout. Explore Croatia with travel expert and video journalist Kelley Ferro as she cycles through this dynamic country... 01/15

  • BBC One: Gateways, 01/15

    Angela Scanlon and Joe Lindsay are in Istria to find out what's on offer. It's known as a beach destination, but it throws up unexpected surprises in its historic towns and is gaining a reputation as a culinary hotspot.

    BBC One: Gateways, 01/15

  • USTOA Blog: Touring Croatia

    Istria is a place of understated beauty: rolling hills broken up by patches of olive groves and vineyards, peak after peak of picturesque villages, and the occasional glimpse of the sea. My Istrian journey began in one of these villages, Motovun, says Colin Roohan in his blog post...

    USTOA Blog: 11/14

  • Hong Kong Apple Daily

    Jessica Hung and Colin Lam set off on a quest to discover the secrets of the Istrian truffle to be conveyed to their readers. They toured Rovinj and Motovun, visited and described Villa Meneghetti, Lone Hotel, Masera Restaurant, Kabola Winery, looked for truffles with the help of the Karlić family and enjoyed in the Zigante Truffle Days and the Tuberfest.

    Hong Kong Apple Daily, 11/14

  • AFAR: A Klapa Performance in Motovun

    To meet Istria through native eyes was the goal of a team of journalists who visited Motovun in September as part of the Travel Now/Live Like Local Campaign. The article was published on the AFAR site, one of the best known travel magazines and guides in the USA, intended for those who wish to meet new people, their customs and culture.

    AFAR, 11/14

  • The Blonde Abroad: The Ultimate Gourmet Getaway

    Kiersten Rich discovered Istria and fell in love with the sights, smells and flavors specially characterized by this unique Mediterranean paradise. But why she thinks Istria is the ultimate gourmet getaway? There are a few reasons...

    The Blonde, 10/14

  • Medieval ruins, gastronomic delicacies and crystal clear sea

    Helen Ochyra enjoyed the relaxed pace of life in Istria: at every turn, this corner of Croatia had another surprise up its sleeve. The fields and vineyards around it no longer appeared a homogenous green. Instead, they sprang out emerald and olive, pea, sage and lime, each one seeming to occupy its own fold in the landscape..., 08/14

  • La Repubblica: Play of light on the horizon

    We have used to watching them as elements defacing the city, but they can turn into multicolour pieces of art as the night falls. Eight cranes of the Croatia's Pula harbour have been illuminated and the result is stunning.

    La Repubblica, 06/14

  • The Huffington Post: 13 Reasons Why You're Winning At Life If You're In Croatia

    Croatia's totally winning thanks to its stunning landscape, chic port towns, awe-inspiring national parks and party isles. Istria has been called "the new Tuscany" and it's not hard to see why. There are hilltop villages, such as Motovun, seaside towns and delicious Italian-ish food. And Rovinj is THE Istrian coastal fishing town you simply can't miss.

    The Huffington Post, 29/05/14

  • Wine Enthusiast: Croatian Wine on the Rise

    With 1,118 miles of stunning coastline, more than 1,000 islands, Croatia is an increasingly well-known travel destination for adventurers with a love of history, culture and dramatic scenery. Now, it’s also becoming known for its high-quality wines. Once part of the Venetian Empire, Istria is often called The Other Tuscany. Castles and fortresses sit atop rolling hills. Italian is spoken in many homes, and the cuisine is decidedly reminiscent of Italy...

    Wine Enthusiast, 04/14
    Wine Enthusiast: Istria

  • Münchner Merkur: Let's go to Istria!

    The new summer job for our children's reporters
    As it is nearest to Bavaria, Istria is an exceptionally important part of Croatia which can be reached in only five hours. This is why many Bavarians choose Istria as their destination. The sea is great and the hinterland provides phenomenal opportunities for bike rides through forests and fields.

    Münchner Merkur, 17/03/14

  • BuzzFeed: 11 Reasons You Should Visit Croatia Immediately

    Croatia, situated on the Adriatic Sea, is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. With its unique location, deep cultural roots, and incredible history… it’s a must-see.

    Buzz Feed, 08/03/14

  • Huffington Post: Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

    This Mediterranean country, located across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, boasts stunning beaches and plenty to explore, from ancient hill towns to secret gardens, says Huff Post in this listing...

    Huffington Post, 17/12/13

  • ShermansTravel: Enjoy Smaller Crowds in 5 European Cities

    Here we are in September... This in-between season offers a calmer, less hectic way to enjoy Europe’s traditionally touristy destinations like Rome and the Greek islands. With the dip in foot traffic comes shorter lines, greater flexibility in organizing tours, and easier access to in-demand restaurants and hotels – in short, a better vacation. ShermanTravel offers a few suggestions for the activities you’ll want to add to your itineraries for a visit to Europe, and among them Rovinj and Istria!

    ShermansTravel, 18/09/13

  • Wine Guys in Huff Post: Inspired by Istria

    Remnants of a distant Roman past, such as the fully intact Roman Arena in Pula as well as architecture belying Istria's importance to the Venetian Empire tie it much more to Italy than to Eastern Europe. Olive trees and vineyards dot the green landscape, and stone hilltop villages and panoramic sea views are found just around nearly every curve in the road...

    Huffington Post, 10/09/13

  • Societe Perrier: A Week at Outlook in Croatia

    Today I visited Pula and discovered its Roman and Austro-Hungarian landmarks. After a long lazy lunch of fresh fish and Malvasia, I headed back to the hotel to get ready for the big night. Mos Def and Jay Electronica! – says Shirine Saad in her Diary of a Festival Lover ...

    Societe Perrier, 09/09/13

  • AFAR Magazine: 6 Ways To Discover Istria

    For the past decade, Istria has been labeled "the next Tuscany". But, raw-fish restaurants, hip hotels, and quirky festivals are attracting attention for being, well, Istrian...

    AFAR Magazine, 09/13

  • Virginia Living: Virginia Living: Edible Istria

    Truffles, wild asparagus and olive oil are main characters in the story about Istria written by a reputable American journalist Kimberley Lovato. Roaming through Istria, she tasted Istrian Malvasia and Teran, the Istrian prosciutto, wild asparagus, fuži pasta and homemade brandy, olive oil listed among best oils in the world and did not pass on truffles. She ended her Istrian journey in picturesque Motovun, which bade her farewell with the legend of Veli Jože.

    Virginia Living, 06/13

  • Fathom: Istria, the Better Italy

    I spent a week in Istria, a small peninsula a few hours' drive from Venice, eating prosciutto, cheese, and seafood, tasting olive oil and wine.. I loved everything about this place, says Pavia Rosati, the Fathom founder...

    Fathom – Way To Go, 16/05/13

  • Kulinariker: Winery of the month - from Istria!

    The Kulinariker food and wine magazine published an article on the winery of the month - the Kozlović Winery in Momjan. It describes in particular the Malvazija Santa Lucia, a famous variety of the Kozlović family, declared the best white wine in Croatia in 2001…

    Kulinariker, 27/05/13

  • Forbes Travel Guide Blog: Everything You Need To Know About Istria

    Marcy Gordon from the Forbes Travel Guide Blog presents Istria to the readers as a region of pristine beaches, small coastal villages and dramatic inland hilltop towns, rich in gastronomic delights ranging from plentiful seafood and wild asparagus to world-class truffles and olive oils...

    Forbes Travel Guide Blog, 22/04/13

  • Touring Club Italiano: In Istria, away from the crowds. Between history and nature.

    After spending a weekend in Istria, Stefano Brambilla described his experiences in an article introducing his readers to towns of Vrsar, Sveti Lovreč, Sveti Petar u Šumi, Sanvičenta, Vodnjan and Fažana, places that might be less known to the readers, but rich in history and their offer...

    Touring Club Italiano, 03/04/13

  • Bridal Guide: Head for the Hills

    From ancient hill towns to the Caribbean’s identical twin sea - a honeymoon here is heaven on earth.
    If you don’t go home with at least the tiniest of belly bulges, you clearly haven’t hit your quota of Istrian olive oil and truffles. The oil comes in more flavors, colors and consistencies than you’ll know what to do with...

    Bridal Guide, 27/03/13

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Already receiving significant earned media in outlets such as National Geographic Traveler Huffington Post and mention in notable guidebooks like Lonely Planet, international journalists and tour operators alike continue the praise heaped upon the Istrian peninsula and all it has to offer making it one of the world's top destinations.