BMW and Istria Tourist Board enter into business cooperation in 2014

The Partnership Agreement is based on promoting a brand which connects strong brands and aims at reaching defined target groups by joint promotion and connecting tourism and economy. Istria Tourist Board and TOMIC d.o.o. (the BMW importer in Croatia) signed the Agreement on May 9 under which the exclusivity of such cooperation for the period of six months was agreed.

BMW Coast Drive - Enjoy the sunny side of the streets in Istria

As of late last year, contacts and correspondence between Istria Tourist Board and BMW regarding negotiations on the campaign conceptual design, control implementation and agreement execution became more frequent. The entire process was managed by the Austrian marketing and consulting agency Team4Tourism with its head office in Vienna, specialized in cross marketing cooperation and innovative campaign design.

BMW is a partner which will provide Istria Tourist Board with a high brand awareness and a perfect combination of lifestyle and luxury for targeting high-end customers. Brand popularity in Central and South-East Europe is significant, especially among high-end customers who attach great importance and large trust into quality, technology, performance, safety  and extraordinary design of BMW. The cooperation with BMW will result in a priceless media value, with a 100 percent reach of the target group, emphasizing the image and prestige  as well as brand awareness.

Istria is turned to Austrian, Poland, Czech, neighbouring Slovenian market as well as markets of other countries with increasing number of visiting tourists. High gastronomic standards and abundance of its native cuisine and products such as truffles, wine, olive oil, persciutto will attract an increasing number of interested visitors prone to enjoying in this type of offer.

The strength of the BMW brand in Austria as well as Central and South-East Europe offers numerous advantages to tourist Istria, while the entire concept has been designed in the cooperation of several countries, one partner, one brand and a unique campaign.

Under the slogan 'BMW Coast Drive – Enjoy the sunny side of the streets in Istria', the project was joined by all five-star Istrian hotels - the Adriatic Kempinski Hotel in Savudrija, the Meliá Coral in Umag as well as Monte Mulini and Lone in Rovinj with the participation of top gastronomic points– the San Rocco Restaurant from Brtonigla and the Kozlović Winery from Momjan.

BMW serves the guests of the hotel/restaurant with a car for short journeys during the summer season, and the Hotel/Restaurant takes care of this service and adds individual services to create a customer experience on an outstanding level. The BMW campaign promises creative synergy and reaching target niches of high-end visitors.

Successful execution of the signed Agreement provides Istria with the possibility of entering into further cooperation in other target countries in light of BMW's expressed interest in a longer-term cooperation having successfully concluded these negotiations, with the purpose of positioning Istria as the place to be for an exclusive customer target group.

BMW Coast Drive - Enjoy the sunny side of the streets in Istria.



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Already receiving significant earned media in outlets such as National Geographic Traveler Huffington Post and mention in notable guidebooks like Lonely Planet, international journalists and tour operators alike continue the praise heaped upon the Istrian peninsula and all it has to offer making it one of the world's top destinations.