• Subotina with Giant Truffles Omelette


    Buzet, Trg Fontana (Square)

    Giant Truffles Omelette (2019 eggs and 10 kg truffles)

    Trg Fontana (Square)

    Giant Truffles Omelette (2019 eggs and 10 kg truffles)

    A giant truffles omelette made of 2019 eggs in one enormous, 2.5 meters wide pan, is the main event of the first day of Buzet traditional festival. And the very next day the Old Town streets will get an old fashioned feeling with old crafts, popular folk theatres and food from those old days.


    TZ Buzet, Grad Buzet i POU
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  • Subotina in an old fashioned way


    Buzet, Stari grad (Old town)

    Old-time folk festivity

    12:00 - 14:00 h

    Stari grad (Old town)

    Old-time folk festivity

    Subotina or Journey into the Past

    In September, on the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, streets and squares of the old town of Buzet turn into a historic stage. All participants of this event wear original folk costumes and clothes resembling townspeople at the turn of the 20th century. The sound of traditional Istrian music is accompanied by the irresistible sweet smell of delicacies that surely satisfy the palate of even the most demanding visitor.

    In such a scenography of the past set within the old town walls you can take part in a variety of ethno-workshops of ancient and nearly forgotten crafts, so-called ethno-trails of ancient crafts . Right in front of your eyes carpenters, coopers, shoemakers, tailors, comb-makers, basket-weavers, wavers, oil producers and pharmacists, as well as other masters of ancient crafts demonstrate skills that have been preserved to this very day.

    Apart from the ethno-trail you can also choose the gastro, eno or art trail or even mead trail. Tempting flavours on the gastro-trail are those of vegetable stews maneštre, pasta fuži, cheese, truffles dishes, boneless pork loin ombolo, sausages and many other irresistible delicacies. On the no-trail be sure to taste the finest wines of Istrian wine-makers, whereas the mead trail introduces you to the quality of products prepared in a traditional way such as honey, olive-oil, herb brandy, herbs and herbal tea.

    After a hearty meal and fine wine, there's nothing like great fun, and those who will make sure you have a good time are jugglers, street entertainers, musicians, accordion players, folk dancers and actors presenting plays in the local dialect. But, that's not all - there's also a parade with typical characters from the past: street sweepers, firemen, chimney sweepers, ice-cream vendors, photographers... Visit the exhibition of folklore, souvenirs and jewellery in the town museums and stalls, or you can even try your luck at bocce or a game of cards briškula or trešeta.

    This unique time machine will surely bring back the old days to remind everyone what life was like back then.


    TZ Buzet
    Šetalište Vladimira Gortana 9 +385 (0)52 662343 +385 (0)52 662343

  • Veli Jože Festival



    Giants festival

    Giants festival

    Veli Jože (Big Joe) - Istria’s Giant

    Do you believe the world of fairy tales and giants doesn't exist and that it's just fantasy for little children? Visit Motovun and you will step into a wondrous dimension where giants do rule, with Veli Jože, the best known among them, in the lead.

    The Veli Jože Festival in Motovun is dedicated not only to these Istrian giants but also to all other fantasy creatures that are the result of wild imagination.  Today fantasy literature is exceptionally popular, from Harry Potter to the Twilight Saga, and it all started with Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. But Istria is not far behind in this genre. On the contrary, the well-known Croatian writer Vladimir Nazor told his story about Veli Jože back in 1908.

    The Veli Jože Festival brings to Motovun the screening of fantasy films, so this is a unique opportunity to watch movies about giants, both old and new, as well as documentaries and films for children. With its well-confirmed film tradition Motovun offers special 3D effects and confrontations of giants on the big screen.

    The festival is a real family event, where everyone can find something they like.  The streets of Motovun will be teeming with entertainers and musicians. Youngsters will be able to take part in creative workshops and in performances, while grown-ups can enjoy theatrical performances in the late hours of the night. The Old Crafts and Trades Fair, as well as eating establishments, will be offering XXL-sized products, giving visitors a chance to try giant-sized cheese, mortadella, pizza or numerous other gigantic morsels.

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