• Lanterna Summer Nights

    11.06.2019 - 01.09.2019

    Tar-Torre (Lanterna), Lanterna (Lanterna)

    Entertainment programme

    Lanterna (Lanterna)

    Entertainment programme

    The daily evening program, divided into several categories, will be held at Piazza and several other locations.

    The program is for all ages, and will cheer camp and other guests. The entrance to all programs is free. Except Open Air Cinema, children's entertainment program, themed gastronomic evenings and numerous musical performances, there will also be the well-known festivals: Lanterna Beer Fest, Half Year Celebration, and Summer Carnival at the nearby Solaris Camping Resort.
    Borgo Street in Tar will host the Wine & Food @ Tar gastronomy program.


    Valamar Riviera
    +385 (0)52 465 000 +385 (0)52 465 000

  • Poreč Open Air - Festival of Life

    01.07.2019 - 15.09.2019

    Poreč-Parenzo, Starogradska jezgra Poreča, Otok Sveti Nikola (The old town of Poreč, Sveti Nikola Island )

    Entertainment program

    Starogradska jezgra Poreča, Otok Sveti Nikola (The old town of Poreč, Sveti Nikola Island )

    Entertainment program

    Poreč Open Air, festival of life is bringing more than 100 great festival events in the town and offers a programme which is even more fun-packed than ever before. You can enjoy musical and street performances, watch movies and shows in the open air or attend special events on the streets and squares of the town and on the island of Sveti Nikola. The varied, high-quality festival programme has something for all age groups and interests, and is completely free for all visitors.

    Don't miss the World Stage programme, which includes attractive concerts by the world's leading tribute bands on the main stage on the waterfront. Taste the finest dishes prepared with freshly caught tuna at Tunalicious Street Food and enjoy in the spectacular closing concert of the festival.

    Don’t miss summer experiences that you will remember forever!

    See you in Poreč!

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  • Urban 2019 Photo Awards

    18.07.2019 - 15.09.2019

    Poreč-Parenzo, Zavičajni muzej Poreštine

    10:00 -21:00 h

    Zavičajni muzej Poreštine

  • Poreč Open Air Festival - Open Air Cinema


    Poreč-Parenzo, Livada Lungomare (Lungomare)

    Film screening

    The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part  

    20:30 - 22:30 h

    Livada Lungomare (Lungomare)

    Film screening

    The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part  

    The screenings will be held during the most beautiful sunset in Poreč in the beautiful ambience of Villa Polesini or on the meadow by the Lungomare and with the sound of the sea and the backdrop of the starry sky, the movie treats will provide a perfect ending to the numerous hot summer days. 

    *In case of bad weather, the screening will not be held.
    *Free entrance.


  • Classical Music Concert


    Tar-Torre, Crkva sv. Martina (Parochial church of St. Martin)

    21:00 h

    Crkva sv. Martina (Parochial church of St. Martin)

    The Tourist Board of the Tar-Vabriga and the Popular Open University of Poreč has been organizing the ‘’Classical music concerts in Tar'' in the ancient church of St. Martin in Tar for 20 years now.

    The chamber music, with a series of exciting and unforgettable performances of the highest artistic level, thus becomes the main theme of the concerts in the Church of St. Martin in Tar, giving since 1998 life, integrity and value to this timeless festival of classical music.

    Meet you every Thursday at 9 PM throughout July and August.

    “Gli Archi dei Patriarchi”
    Direttore Giuliano Goruppi
    Soprano Gabriella Bencich
    Contralto Silvia Mosco
    Flauto Mario Pontinelli

    Violini Marco Pusnar, Alberto Freschi,Joahim Nanut,

    Giovanni Freschi, Francesco Passoni
    Violoncelli Clara Di Giusto, Giovanni Fabris
    Viole Valentina Faresi, Vittorio Clemente

    Contrabbasso Mauro Ferrari
    Organo Elisabetta Moretti
    Violino Principale Tiziano Michielin

    1. W.A.Mozart (1756 – 1791) Kirchensonaten kv 244
    1. J.S.Bach (1685 – 1750) – Jesus bleibet meine Freude – Bwv 147 Gabriella Bencich
    2. A. Vivaldi (1678 – 1741) Concerto in Re min. “Madrigalesco” Rv 129 - Adagio, Allegro,
    Adagio, Allegro ma non troppo
    3. J.S.Bach – Bist du bei mir – Aria per Soprano Bwv 508 – Gabriella Bencich
    4. W.A.Mozart - Kirchensonaten kv 145
    5. G.F.Haendel (1685 – 1759) „He was despised“ Hwv 54
    Silvia Mosco
    6. F.J.Haydn (1732 - 1809) „Le Ultime Sette Parole di N.S.G.C. sulla Croce“ Sonata VI -
    Consumatum est – Lento
    7. W.A.Mozart - Kirchensonaten kv 69
    8. W.A.Mozart – Ave Maria -Mottetto (trascr. A.Perosa)
    Gabriella Bencich, Silvia Mosco
    9. W.S.Bennett (1816 - 1875) "O Lord" (Aria dalla cantata "The Woman of Samaria")
    Silvia Mosco
    10. A. Vivaldi - Concerto per Flauto e Archi in La min. - Allegro,
    Largo, Allegro Mario Pontinelli



    POU Poreč
    +385 52 887 218 +385 52 887 218

  • Street Art Festival

    22.08.2019 - 27.08.2019

    Poreč-Parenzo, Ulice i trgovi (Streets & squares )

    Festival of street performers

    Ulice i trgovi (Streets & squares )

    Festival of street performers

    A well-known fact is that Mediterranean life prefers the outdoors, especially streets to the indoors, houses. Streets have always been the site for conversations, courtship, arguments and singing, and although perhaps people were not aware of this, streets and squares were in fact a kind of stage.

    The new era has brought along new customs, but the desire for liveliness in the streets still remains. Street Art wants to bring to life once again the streets, squares and promenades of Poreč filling them with dance, street theater, installations, film projections, video installations, music...
    During the month of August, in the streets and squares of Poreč you will encounter numerous artists who, inspired by this lovely town, will display their works and imagination.


    POU Poreč
    +385 52 887 218 +385 52 887 218


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