Do you wonder what Poreč was like in the past? Do you wonder what were the people like that walked down these old streets, how they lived, what did they do for living and above all how did they entertain in the town that remembers a couple thousand of years?

Let these inspiring questions reverse the clock like a timemachine, and show us how Poreč florished from 17th century on.

Being aware and proud of the rich cultural and historical heritage of our town, we've decided to stop the time machine in 1672 getting you to Giostra Historic Festival. Reconstruction of Giostra is based on the archive documents kept in Poreč County Museum and the National Archives in Pazin-Pisino.

Those documents state that they celebrated St. Michael's Day (Dan Sv. Mihovila) on May 8th in 17th century Poreč and on that day they had a festivity known as Fiera franca triduana. It consisted of a crossbow competition, dances and various folk games. The major event of the festival was a horse race Giostra.

This year in September we will go back with you some 300 years back to past to get a sence of what was the social life like in those days, how did our ancestors entertain and what were their customs like.

We will walk down picturesque streets and squares among people dressed in 17th century clothes. Street entertainers and jugglers will be there to. There will be ancient music and dances that you could try to fallow.

This Festival is again becoming traditional since it has its background in statutary order of the City of Poreč from 1364. It stipulates that it must be held ''at all future times'' so we decided it should refere to present day as well.

We are keeping the tradition vivid! Let us together breathe in a scent of the past!


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