• Casanova Tour


    Vrsar-Orsera, Stari grad (Town Center)

    Interactive walk tour with Casanova through romantic Vrsar

    20:00 h

    Stari grad (Town Center)

    Interactive walk tour with Casanova through romantic Vrsar

    Giacomo Casanova, the world's most famous seducer, and his visits to Vrsar at the time of the Vrsar County period, served as an inspiration for the Casanova Tour. Take a walk through romantic Vrsar, discover the unexplored parts of the old town and discover love à la Casanova.

    This interactive tour, guided by the Istra Inspirit Project artists, starts on the waterfront and follows the viewpoints in the town’s historic core, offering you an unforgettable journey through the love story of Casanova. The tour finishes in Casanova's Refuge, where he stayed when he first visited Vrsar in 1743.

    Music, dance and emotions will conduct you to the magical world of Casanova and let you discover a different, more intimate image of Vrsar.

    The dates when you can meet Casanova and walk with him are:
    - 15.05.2019.
    - 20.05.2019.
    - 05.06.2019.
    - 11.06.2019.
    - 25.06.2019.
    - 09.07.2019.
    - 23.07.2019.
    - 06.08.2019.
    - 20.08.2019.
    - 10.09.2019.
    - 23.10.2019.

    Booking and starting point: InfoCenter (Vrsar Tourist Board), Obala M. Tita 6

  • Ocean Lava Triathlon Vrsar

    25.10.2019 - 27.10.2019


    Triathlon race

    Triathlon race

    Autumn brings with it a series of top sporting events.
    The Ocean Lava Triathlon will convince you of that.

    This new triathlon race will take place for the first time from 25th until 27th October with both start and finish being in Vrsar.
    Through a variety of disciplines, the race will offer new challenges for professionals and amateurs alike, bringing Vrsar’s natural beauties even closer during this early autumn period.


  • Lim Bay Challenge: Sunny Winter Trail

    06.12.2019 - 08.12.2019


    Trail races

    10:00 h

    Trail races

    The Sunny Winter Trail is a two-day running event that will offer you the spirit of the Mediterranean when winter knocks at your door. Your endurance will be tested from December 06 to 08, during trail races of different lengths and categories in which everyone will find a challenge, whilst at the same time experiencing the most fascinating views offered by Vrsar and the surrounding areas of the Lim Bay.

    See you at the seaside. Hibernation is not an option this year.

  • Christmas concert


    Vrsar-Orsera, Crkva sv. Martina (Parochial church of St. Martin )

    Female choir Mendule

    Crkva sv. Martina (Parochial church of St. Martin )

    Female choir Mendule


    Zbor Mendule, TZ Vrsar


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